Sound Spaces Workshop

Spend a day with artist Simon Bowen creating sounds and images for an interactive artwork about Liverpool as it was, and as you see it today.

The L1 shopping centre is built on top of the first commercial wet dock in the world. From this point, Liverpool developed to be one of the most important ports in the world and the city grew to the size it is today. There are many historical sights and sounds to be imagined here, but the place also has other meanings today. We want to layer all these different aspects into a digital artwork that you can explore using your smart phone or tablet.

The workshop will include a short trip to the old dock area between Liverpool One and the Albert Dock to make recordings followed, by an afternoon back at FACT manipulating and combining your recordings into ‘layers’ for a collaborative artwork.

As well as contributing to the exhibition, you’ll learn about techniques and technology for sound recording, sound design, spherical photography, and web interaction design.

This is a collaboration with Culture Lab from Newcastle University.