Sound Lines Workshop

Drawing on traditions of psychogeography, improvised noise performance, soundscape research, DIY technologies and public making practices, participants will create a performable installation that offers an imaginative remapping of Liverpool.

By capturing the unique sound signatures of local spaces, we will investigate various elements of the city, creatively responding to their aural characteristics and reinterpreting these materials through a publicly open process. We aim to build a collection of environmentally responsive constructions, allowing participants to experience and imagine new interpretations of the city.

Over the course of four days we invite the public to join us in a variety of making activities relating to how we experience the city. Throughout this time we will be building a multi-channel sound and image installation creatively interpreting scavenged and recorded material from Liverpool. Our collaborative process will allow visitors to get involved with the making of various sonic constructions, contribute recordings or just experience the artwork as it is assembled live.

The work will be presented using various open-source technologies including Pure Data, Arduino, DIY electronics and pen and paper.

Participants will also be shown the methods used to sample the ambient resonance of open spaces using a new immersive audio tool that utilizes third order ambisonic technology (developed by local creative sound designer Stefan Kazassoglou).

Making activities will include 3D sound spatialisation techniques, working with field recordings, sound walks and environmentally reactive sound synthesis.

No previous experience of the technologies is required and all materials will be provided. Just drop in and join us.

This is a collaboration with Kinicho, Culture Lab at Newcastle University (John Bowers, Tim Shaw, Simon Bowen), and the Creative Exchange.