Reading and Thinging #2

On Parapoetics and Paramechanics.

An informal get-together that crosses a reading group with a ’show and tell’ session – exploring different themes through a curated reading list and discussion of objects. In this session we will explore parapoetics and mechanics as a way to approach non-human, non-anthropocentric reading and writing systems.

The project is a collaboration between current FACT PhD researchers Alex Pearl and Sam Skinner, and FACTLab residents Thiago Hersan and Radamés Ajna, as an opportunity to make different areas of research open and accessible, and to develop a community of readers, thinkers and thingers! that mixes theory and making.

Readings for this session included texts by Morten Søndergaard, Aaron M. Moe, a rawlings, Alfred Kempe and machines from the Cornell University Kinematic Models Digital Library.