Social media affects our self-esteem and self-concept in many ways. We form an identity online based on our persona on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, but is this online version also the person we are offline? How are we misrepresented by our online identities – does the ability to delete, or augment, all of our flaws present a perfected image, too far from reality? Is the ‘lifestyle’ perpetuated by social media now dangerously unattainable, are the profile pictures we share simply advertisements for branded goods rather than reflections of our self?

Who are you and how many?

Social media causes an existential crisis within our digital generation. Rumours and gossip intertwine to the point where we are increasingly unable to differentiate between what is true and what is false, not only concerning the news, but also our own identities online.

This is an invitation to present your thoughts and questions about online-identity and social media through creative performance (music, poetry, acting etc.). You will be performing and recorded in front of a green screen, editing the video straight afterwards, and posting it to a website where the offline audience is able to comment on your performance. That way we create a room for discussion and ongoing development.