Be Famous IRL

As we keep racing to make our communication devices better, faster and smaller, how can we make sure our interactions still impart a sense of uniqueness and specialness for the people involved, and that our personalities don’t get optimized out of our own communication processes?

Can we use physical spaces to give significance to otherwise commonplace exchanges by creating collective experiences that live beyond their immediate production/consumption cycle?

Famous resident artists Radamés Ajna and Thiago Hersan will present their famous project 0.25FPS, where passersby will be able to use the FACT façade as a giant flashbulb for their selfies and other photos.

As a public art intervention, 0.25FPS is a kind of homage to other forms of technology-mediated communications, like architecture and photography; it is also an open platform that invites direct participation and creates an opportunity for playfulness, social interaction and collective communication through the use of a simple interface that nonetheless transforms and reinterprets the urban landscape. It is an experience, without being a spectacle.